Plan to swim

Hello everyone,naver_com_20140501_085714.jpgit’s a pleasure to have you back!

First off, I’d like to have a quick check. Have you find out how to become a smart consumer from my fourth and fifth blog posts?

If your answer is no, please try to read the followings and choose the right sunscreen for you and coral reefs this summer.

and if your answer was yes, %e1%84%89%e1%85%b3%e1%84%8f%e1%85%b3%e1%84%85%e1%85%b5%e1%86%ab%e1%84%89%e1%85%a3%e1%86%ba-2016-10-17-%e1%84%8b%e1%85%a9%e1%84%92%e1%85%ae-10-47-14tell me what you did!

Did you removed or threw away your toxic chemical sunscreens? and purchased new ones with Titanium dioxide or Zinc oxide? or at least, have you read the ingredients from your sunscreens?

According to my research, Oxybenzone is in the majority of sunscreens because of its ability to absorb and dissipate UV light, which causes sunburn and eventually skin cancers.

Ideally, the chemical would simply sit on the skin and block sun rays until being washed off.

Unfortunately, a study from the Center for Disease Control suggests that the chemical is actually absorbed into our system, and can stay there for an unknown amount of time.




스크린샷 2016-10-18 오전 8.19.41.png.



But Do you want this ingredient on your skin?




naver_com_20140511_144149I don’t want any harm!

It is important to note that there is no perfect sunscreen.

So always,%e1%84%89%e1%85%b3%e1%84%8f%e1%85%b3%e1%84%85%e1%85%b5%e1%86%ab%e1%84%89%e1%85%a3%e1%86%ba-2016-10-18-%e1%84%8b%e1%85%a9%e1%84%8c%e1%85%a5%e1%86%ab-8-48-05plan to swim‘.

I will meet you on the next post and continue to discuss on this matter.

By C.W.H

(Oxybenzone Free campaign aims to raise awareness of the damaging effects of oxybenzone sunscreens, to reduce Oxybenzone pollution and keep our corals alive. Show us your support on our Twitter and Facebook)


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