Coral ecosystem is dying but not yet dead!

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Coral reefs have been deteriorating since the 1970s under a cascade of human impacts including pollution, climate change and overfishing.

To protect fragile coral reefs, Lead researcher Craig Downs said, “The use of oxybenzone-containing products needs to be seriously deliberated in islands and areas where coral reef conservation is a critical issue.”

and Finally,
Hawaii decided to ban Oxybenzone chemical sunscreen in their state!!

naver_com_20140829_014657.jpgHOW EXCITING!!!

According to a news report from kitv, published on Jul 16, 2016 11:22 AM AEST.

Sen. Will Espero says he will introduce legislation for Hawaii to ban sunscreen with oxybenzone beginning in 2018.  This comes as the 13th annual Coral Reef Symposium comes to an end in Waikiki.

Hawaii takes a huge action, asking swimmers, surfers, and divers to avoid using sunscreens that contain the widely used ultraviolet light filter oxybenzone.

Like this, to stop causing further damage to the coral reef ecosystem, we need to take our action now!

In response to reports that the vast ecosystem is dead, scientists said that the world’s largest coral reef system may be dying, but it is not yet dead.

So please, join us today!

naver_com_20140501_085738Together, we can make a difference!

by C.W.H

(Oxybenzone Free campaign aims to raise awareness of the damaging effects of oxybenzone sunscreens, to reduce Oxybenzone pollution and keep our corals alive. Show us your support on our Twitter and Facebook)


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